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The Blessed Mother's House


Contact us (The Blessed Mother's House)

Address : The Blessed Mother's House
       12, Najucheon 2-gil, Naju City, Jeonnam, 58258, South Korea

Tel : 82-61-334-5003 , 82-61-333-3372  Fax : 82-61-332-3372

E-mail :

When you take a taxi from Gwangju, Naju train station or Naju bus terminal,

you can ask the taxi driver to bring you to the Blessed Mother's House

so that you could receive an English Guide service.

You can show below Korean letter to the taxi driver.

Pilgrimage to Naju by bus - From Seoul express bus terminal (Honam line)


Seoul express bus terminal


It takes about 4 hours
& 30minutes
from Seoul to Naju


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(for those in Korea) 


Pilgrimage to Naju by KTX

Naju railroad station

The Blessed Mother's House is 8km away from Naju station and is near Naju High School. It takes about 10 minutes by taxi from Naju station to the Blessed Mother's House. (Taxi fare is about 3,500 won)

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(for those in Korea)

Yongsan Station in Seoul to Naju station

 KTX 503  07:25-10:17

 KTX 509  10:55-13:58

 KTX 513  15:20-18:17

 KTX 517  18:20-21:13


Naju Station to Yongsan Station in Seoul

 KTX 502  06:27-09:26

 KTX 506  10:07-13:08

 KTX 512  16:27-19:25

 KTX 518  19:57-22:58


Pilgrimage to Naju by airplane - From Incheon International Airport

Korean Airlines

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There is no airplane leaving from Incheon International Airport for Gwangju Airport . You should first go to Gimpo Airport and then fly to Gwangju Airport.

Once you get to Gwangju Airport, please take a shuttle bus leaving for Gwangju bus terminal.

Asiana Airlines

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When you arrive at Gwangju bus terminal, please transfer to the bus leaving for Naju. It takes about 40 minutes from Gwangju bus terminal to Naju.

The Blessed Mother's House is located about 1km away from Naju bus terminal.



Ye-Seong-Gwan : The accommodation we operate ourselves it’s located on
the way to the Blessed Mother’s Mountain Address :
Naju City, Da-si-myeon, Sin-gwang-ri, san 609

If you want to stay at the Pilgrim’s House, please contact us (82-61-334-5003,
82-61-333-3372)  or send an e-mail ( in advance.

There are some motels near the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju. If you want to stay at the motels, please contact us (82-61-334-5003, 82-61-333-3372) or
send an e-mail ( so that we can help your reservation.