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On June 30, 1985, the Blessed Mother began weeping through her statue owned by an ordinary housewife, who was operating a beauty salon located near Moohak-dang (a shrine of several Korean martyrs in the 19th Century) in the small city of Naju, Korea.

"Naju" in Chinese characters means a town of silk. Naju City indeed is small, but peaceful and beautiful like  a stretch of silk.

Showing the visible signs of her weeping for a total of 700  days  until  Jan  14,  1992,  the Blessed Mother hasbeen calling us and pleading us, revealing to us her extreme sufferings, sometimes also sweating and shedding blood from her nose.

Also for the conversion of sinners, after preparing for 400 days, she exuded fragrant oil from her statue by squeezing her whole body for 700 consecutive days between November 24, 1992 and October 23, 1994. She said that this fragrant oil and the fragrance of roses were signs of her presence, love and friendship. 

The Blessed Mother has especially warned us about sacrilegious Communions. That all may believe in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist and be saved, she has given us amazing Eucharistic signs.  

She has also given us many messages of the combined love of Jesus and herself through Julia since July 18, 1985  until  February 16, 2003.