The Videos about the Blessed Mother of Naju, Korea on Youtube


     The Holy City of God, the Shrine of the Blessed Mother of Naju, Korea

     The Truth about Naju


     Our Lady pleading us by shedding Tears and Tears of Blood

     Our Lady of Naju weeping and Julia Kim's sufferings


     Mary draws us to the Eucharist (Naju, Korea)

     Eucharistic Miracles in Naju, Korea

     Eucharistic Miracle on June 30, 1995

     The Second Eucharistic Miracle in the Vatican


     The Precious Blood of Jesus in Naju (October, 2006)

     Oh! The Mystery of the Living Precious Blood (Nov 9, 2001 - Aug 15, 2002)

     Our Lord's Precious Blood on June 11, 2002

     Bishop Dominic Su witnessed the Precious Blood of Our Lord on August  15, 2002        (Jesus gave us His Precious Blood to the last drop for our sake)


     The Way of the Cross by Julia Kim

     The signs given through Julia Kim and her sufferings during Holy Triduum in Naju          (April 21-23, 2011)

     Julia Kim suffered the pains of the Crown of Thorns in Naju, Korea (August 14, 2009)


     The Naju Water of Graces - The Signs of Love from Our Lord and Our Lady through        Miraculous Water from the Blessed Mother's Mountain in Naju, Korea

     The Blessed Mother's exuding Fragrant Oil by squeezing Her whole body

      Julia's spreading Messages of Love from Jesus and the Blessed Mother of Naju, Korea in         Pittsburgh, USA

      I wish to become your fragrant oil - Julia Kim's prayer