The Second Eucharistic Miracle
in the Vatican
(February 28, 2010)


  The First Eucharistic Miracle in the Vatican

  (pdf file) -witness' testimony

During an overnight prayer meeting in Naju on November 24, 2009 commemorating the fifteenth anniversary of Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis's visit to Naju and his witnessing two miraculous descents of the Eucharist on the same day, the Blessed Mother instructed Julia to visit Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis.  On February 26, 2010, Julia Kim together with Fr. Aloysius Chang and a few volunteer helpers made a trip to Rome.  She was also carrying with her the Eucharist that had bled on October 16, 2006 as well as the messages from Jesus and the Blessed Mother on October 15 and 16, 2006 for the Holy Father.  

When Julia and her companions visited Archbishop Bulaitis on February 27, 2010, His Excellency asked Julia what her plan was for the trip.  Julia answered that she would only obey the Archbishop regarding what she was to do in Rome.  The Archbishop said that he had heard from the Blessed Mother while he was praying two days earlier that Julia will tell something for him.   The Archbishop also told Julia that the Blessed Mother had said, "Last time (on November 24, 1994), you received the Eucharist from Julia; this time, you give her the Eucharist."  The Archbishop continued, "Let's have the Sunday Mass tomorrow in the chapel here in my official residence."

From 10 a.m. on February 28, Archbishop Bulaitis and Fr. Aloysius Chang concelebrated the Mass.  During the Communion, the Archbishop gave Julia the Sacred Host intincted in the Precious Blood in the chalice.  While Julia was meditating, she called one of the helpers and opened her mouth. The helper was surprised and asked the Archbishop to come closer. The Archbishop saw that the Eucharist was changing into visible flesh and blood on her tongue. He was startled and asked the four Sisters who were also at the Mass to come and see.

Fresh blood was covering the Eucharist, and, at the same time, the Eucharist was becoming larger. A while later, some blood was seen in the little space between the Eucharist and Julia's tongue. The Archbishop observed every change in the Eucharist without turning his eyes away from the Eucharist even once, as, through this miracle, the inner reality of the Eucharist, which is the Real Presence of the living and breathing Jesus with His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity normally hidden behind the species of bread and wine, was being revealed.  The Archbishop instructed Julia to swallow the Eucharist.  Julia was wishing that the Eucharist would be preserved, but promptly obeyed the Archbishop's instruction.

The Archbishop then poured some water into the ciborium and asked Julia to drink it.  After she drank the water, the Archbishop examined the inside of her mouth to see if there were any wounds.  Then, the Archbishop wiped the inside of Julia's mouth with a purificator (linen), but did not see any blood on the purificator.  All these steps taken by the Archbishop must have been the most proper and thoughtful procedures as a shepherd in the Church for a clear and authentic discernment of whether the sign he observed was of a supernatural origin or not.                                     




The Eucharist began changing into visible flesh and blood in Julia's mouth.












After witnessting the Eucharistic miracle and after the Mass,
Archbishop Bulaitis examined the inside of Julia's mouth with a purificator
linen to see if there were any wounds inside her mouth.

Archbishop Bulaitis, Fr. Chang and Others
after witnessing the Eucharistic miracle.




A Message of Love from the Blessed Mother

received by Julia Kim in Rome
on February 28, 2010

 In obedience to the Blessed Mother’s instruction on November 24, 2009: “Visit Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis”, I arrived in Rome in the night of February 26, 2010 together with Fr. Aloysius Chang and four other companions.  In the morning of the next day, February 27, Saturday, we and Mrs. Cäcilia Pohl from Germany visited His Excellency Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis at his official residence.  His Excellency told us that he had received a response from the Blessed Mother while he was praying two days earlier: “You will hear some words from Julia.  On November 24, 1994, you received the Eucharist through Julia, but this time you should give the Eucharist to her.”  His Excellency invited us to the Sunday Mass the next day, February 28.  

The Mass, concelebrated by Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis and Fr. Aloysius Chang, began at 10 a.m. on February 28 in the chapel at His Excellency’s official residence.  While I was meditating after receiving Communion, I felt that the Eucharist in my mouth was becoming larger and asked Peter Kim sitting next to me to take a look.  Peter was surprised and reported what he saw to His Excellency.  His Excellency, Fr. Chang, four Sisters, and the visitors from Korea and Germany all saw the miracle of love in which the Eucharist changed into flesh and blood. 

After observing the changed species of the Eucharist, His Excellency instructed me to swallow the Eucharist.  I had some hope that the Eucharist could be preserved, but swallowed the Eucharist in obedience to His Excellency’s instruction.  At that moment, Jesus and the Blessed Mother appeared and blessed all the persons in the chapel.  Then, the Blessed Mother began speaking.

nn.gif  nn.gif

The Blessed Mother:

“Giovanni, my extremely beloved son whom I can put in my eyes without any pain!  Together with my Son Jesus, I love you so much.  You were called (to Naju in 1994) as the representative of the Pope and I have always been with you in your every move.  Sometimes I protected you from the crisis of death and have looked after you. My beloved son who has been specially called!

The Lord, who has the keys to death, hell, and Heaven, is also Alpha and Omega, that is, the beginning and the end, isn’t He?  The Lord died, but is alive and breathing in the Eucharist like this (=as you saw the moving Eucharist in Julia’s mouth) and will be present in all eternity. The Lord began  the miracles of the Eucharist coming down from above through you in Naju, but  today is the day when, through you, the Eucharistic miracle occurred for the last time.  Do not worry, but meditate well on "Omega" and put it into practice.

The division in the Church continues becoming more serious and numerous souls have fallen into a swamp and are floundering, but even the shepherds, who are supposed to make the Lord known, are spiritually blind and deaf and are singing the times of peace even while witnessing the disasters that are occurring at different places in the world and are criticizing others’ faults while remaining blind to their own faults.  That is why this Mommy’s Heart has become so anxious and worried that I have arranged your meeting like this.  Therefore, make haste to help Naju be approved as soon as possible so that the numerous souls may repent and be saved.     

My Son Jesus, Who possesses the Divine Nature, should receive all the power, honor, glory, and worship, but the children who accept that He comes in the appearance of bread, hiding all His power, solemn dignity, divinity, and humanity, to save all the poor children in the world who have lost their ways and are wandering are very few.  That is why my Son Jesus wears the crown of thorns instead of the royal crown even today and allowed your meeting, with His Love, in order to save even those souls who have human faces but brutal minds.

All of you, whom I have chosen and who know well that God can make you prosperous and successful but can also exterminate you and wipe you out, must become united with much greater love and perpetuate the Paschal Mysteries of the Last Supper and the Resurrection, as your situation is the same as that of the Apostles, who had been personally chosen by the Lord for the salvation of the world, gathered in the Cenacle before they completed their mission through their martyrdom. 

Through my invisible presence, I will build anew the places destroyed by Satan, with your help, so that the triumph may be achieved in the fierce battle in these end times.  Thus, you will surely see the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, and, when my Son Jesus returns to this world, you who have followed me and made me known will also stand with Christ in His glory.”