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Julia Kim’s Inspiring Spiritual Message

(May 16, 2017)


Jesus who comes to us through the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist



bullet03_glitter.gif  Praise Jesus! Praise the Blessed Mother!

For you who are here on the anniversary of the Eucharist changing to Flesh and Blood, I pray that infinite blessings, love, peace, and healing will be with you today. Now I have bruises all over my body, even under my armpit.

Yesterday, the devil showed up and tried to negotiate a proposal, saying “Stop sharing all the Signs, prayers of kiss & of breath-blowing. Then I’ll protect all of your family. I’ll keep you healthy, and I’ll let Naju be approved.” So I immediately sprinkled Holy Water and prayed an exorcism.

Then the devil said, “See what you got, bitch!” and the flock of devils attacked and trampled me to try and kill me. There are many terrible bruises here now.

They kept trying to kill me, saying “Will you still remain stubborn?” “I won’t negotiate with you,” I said. So they tried to kill me completely. As they gripped my carotid artery here, I could barely breathe.

While struggling, I prayed, ‘Jesus! Even if I die now, I won’t negotiate with Satan. Through losing my life, let the world completely change and let Jesus’ Kingdom come!’ Then Jesus shone the light and the devils ran away. Someone said, “They clearly showed that those are so grace-filled!” These attacks from devils, I offered them up for you. So I hope you make a new start today.

For the anniversary of the Eucharistic Miracle and the Special Night for Mary, you came here from far and near. The Abundant Love of Jesus and the Blessed Mother will be granted to you.

For this prayer meeting on May 16th, I received so much sufferings. The more I suffered, the more graces were sent down. As I’ve seen it so many times, I joyfully accepted all the sufferings from people and devils.

You know this world is in pitch darkness. We don’t know when the chastisement will be sent down. In Matthew 25:13, it says “Stay awake.” “Stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”

In Mark 13:32-33, “Be alert. You don’t know when the time will come.” “No one knows, neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” As we don’t know the day and the time, we must stay awake.

You’ve remained on Mary’s Ark of Salvation without getting off. Even though we don't know when this world will come to its end nor when will the (new) Pentecost happen, we must always stay awake.

On May 16th in 1991, Fr. Jerry Orbos and Fr. Santos visited Naju together with 33 pilgrims from the Philippines. About 40 people, including the local faithful, attended the Mass at Naju parish. I had never heard of a Eucharictic miracle nor of Marian Apparition. Even until Mother Mary began weeping Tears, I’d never heard about the Tears.

On June 5th, 1988, the day of Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ, the Eucharist that I received, smelled bloody and it swelled up in my mouth, the most swollen Eucharist than I have ever had. And I was shown the vision. Right after that, I thought, ‘I should Have shown it (the Eucharist) to others!’

So on May 16th, 1991, being reminded of it, I told Rufino who was at my side to have a look. At first, the Eucharist turned yellowish. Then It became blood-colored, and blood flowed and swelled up. Only then, Rufino informed Fr. Jerry Orbos and Fr. Santos. All the faithful who saw it burst out crying.

Two priests were crying loudly before the Tabernacle. Fr. Su and Fr. Jerry Orbos witnessed the Eucharistic Miracles 6 times.

After witnessing the Eucharistic Miracles, Fr. Jerry was so much transformed. He was born in a rich family. His elder brother was the prosecutor general, and a presidential candidate then. He came from such a distinguished family.

Before, he didn’t have devotion that much to the Eucharist or the Blessed Mother. In the Cathedral of Lanciano, Italy, and Naju Parish as well, where the Eucharist turned into Flesh and Blood, swelled up and grew bigger. Fr. Jerry witnessed the miracle in person and his faith became very strong as a result.

On the very day of May 16, 1991, the Blessed Mother appeared. She looked just as the Blessed Mother of Naju. She showed up in a white dress and a blue mantle, looking beautiful, and held a rosary on Her right hand and a scapular on Her left hand.

She was so beautiful, but was weeping Tears. She hugged the two priests. Then Jesus also appeared. Jesus gave a Message. This world gravely offends God. But even those children may be forgiven. Jesus calls them and forgives them, through the reconciliation by the Precious Blood from the Five Wounds opened on the Cross.

Jesus said on the verge of Tears because His Heart’s so painful to see this world. Seeing those who grovel and prostrate to worldly high men, whereas speak profanely and blasphemous before Jesus and the Blessed Mother, Jesus was so heartbroken. What is the reason Jesus showed us the Eucharists turning into Flesh and Blood?

That’s because people don’t know about the mysteries of the Eucharist. Not realizing that Jesus is truly alive in the Eucharist, How many faithful just come and go to church!

But Jesus showed us the Eucharistic Miracles, asking us to “Believe it”, “believe it”, and “believe it!” up to 33 times over and over again. 700 years after Jesus’ death, about 1,300 years ago, a single Eucharistic Miracle happened in Lanciano, Italy, that made many people came back to the church. People who converted to other religions, such as Islam, come back to Catholicism.

On the contrary, Naju was strongly opposed by the Gwangju Archdiocese, and even broadcasted (negatively) by ‘PD Notebook’. And later, there was slander from the Gwangju Archdiocese including many conspiracies about Naju. “Naju doesn’t obey.” Why didn’t it obey? It's not that Naju doesn't obey.

When a priest was assigned to Naju parish, “I will bulldoze the Blessed Mother’s House in Naju,” he said. Gwangju Archdiocese has conspired countless things so far. “By this, we can certainly knock down Naju.” But they were not able to knock it down. They continued to plot other things.

“Definitely, this will work.” But they failed again. How could they knock down what the Lord and the Blessed Mother personally work?

“15 years ago, our church was like clear water. Then, a loach (referring to Julia) showed up and made the whole water muddy. It turned into the water of death,” he said. “If there’s a mouse hole, hide in it, and breathe only in there.”

He repeated it countless times. As the priest told absurd things so many times, even the faithful who didn’t believe Naju became lapsed Catholic.

I told this story to our local bishop in person. The priest (who criticized Naju) was also there  though. Bishop Choi said, “Oh, you are also good at speaking?!” At first, he rejoiced saying “You speak so well.” And even treated me with beef-bone soup. I did what he instructed to me. It’s not true that I did nothing.

Even some people who came here said to me, “Go and meet the Gwangju Diocesan bishop and talk to him.” I met him. It’s not true that I didn’t meet him at all. We continuously met each other for sometime.

While meeting with him, I reported to the Archbishop about the priest. “Yes, as I sent him to the Naju parish, His words are mine.” The Archbishop spoke to me like this. How could I communicate with him? They fabricated everything.

The priest kept saying, “Get into a mouse hole”, “Just move to Jeju Island.” He asked me to move to my hometown, and not to live in Naju. It began with those words not like “Don’t work for the Blessed Mother.” But, later, he severely pressured me not to stand before pilgrims.

So I told this to Fr. Andrew, a very elderly priest of the diocese. He advised, “As the priest continues to commit sins, pray at home with the Act of Spiritual Communion.” We not only conducted a Spiritual Communion, but also the Liturgy of the Word, as Rufino Park was working as a director of the mission station.

At that time, Dr. Ricardo, visited Naju. He had been investigating all the world’s known Marian Apparition sites for the Vatican. Two Sacred Hosts descended while we were doing the Liturgy of the Word with him. You know I had been living in seclusion in the attic for 7 years, right? (That’s true.)

During that time, I was invited Monterrey, Mexico where Guadalupe is, in 2000. “If Julia comes here in 2001, we will Celebrate the publication of the Messages from the Blessed Mother of Naju.” They said even a cardinal from the Vatican, and 3 cardinals, 52 bishops, 1,400 priests, and hundreds of thousands of the faithful would gather there.

The cardinal invited me. So I asked our local bishop if I could go. But he said “No!” At that word, I ‘Offered it up’ with ‘Amen’.

If I had delivered the Blessed Mother of Naju’s messages to so many people there, how much could the Blessed Mother of Naju have been spread? Despite such a good opportunity, I accepted it with tearful ‘Amen’, ‘Offering it up’ graciously.

Now, no matter what we can’t do, let us even offer them up graciously and offer up everything graciously with the little flowers woven from our renunciations.

So at that time, when I asked Archbishop Yoon if I could go, he said “No.” Even though I was invited to that huge conference, I didn’t attend in obedience to the bishop. In such a way, I obeyed.

After the declaration command ‘Obedience’ was announced, I lived in seclusion for 7 years. After 7 years, we were told to report something (to Archdiocese) at a certain date according to an official letter. But the letter from the parish office arrived us after the deadline was over.

Then, they said, “You didn’t observe the due date.” It was not that we didn’t keep the promise. We prepared the report accordingly. But they told lies even before getting the report from us.

And they spread it all over the world. Though I tried to offer our tithes to my Parish, they refused. And they suggested, “We cannot accept your mandatory offering unless you close the Blessed Mother’s Mountain and the Chapel, and return the Statue of the Blessed Mother of Naju and Holy Items to the church.” I could have followed all of their directives and could have handed over everything.

But they said, “We will give you a chance to take up the microphone. And you must speak before faithful, ‘I’ve lied throughout the last 15 years about the Blessed Mother of Naju.

I have lied so far. The Blessed Mother’s weeping Tears and Tears of Blood, Fragrant Oil, and Eucharistic miracles. Those are all fake. I lied. Forgive me.’ If you confess like that, we will accept you.”

But, must I do that? (No!) What are the reasons for us to go to church? Should we deny and betray Jesus and the Blessed Mother, saying “Those are all fake” to go to church? (No!) After 7 years of my secluded life, they boldly hung big Banners.

So, (I made up my mind.) ‘The Miracles of Love have been performed until now, even though I lived in seclusion. Yes, I will share the love and meet at least people who are seeking Jesus and the Blessed Mother. When I really wanted to come to the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, I visited as a pilgrim.

Since then, I resumed official activities. How can I just watch world which is decaying? To save even one more soul, the Blessed Mother holds Her children again and again, to the point that her arms ache severely, as if falling apart. Should I hide in a mousehole and breathe only there? (No!) That’s why I showed up.

So, If we were not awake, we might fall at any moment. Even someone who was saved from death many times here before, fell into temptation at some point, so he threatened me and even told me “Go divorce your husband, Only if you get a divorce, the Blessed Mother of Naju will be recognized by the Church.” But I never get a divorce.

Many families are broken up because there is no love in them. Our Lord and the Blessed Mother paired us up to live well together. Then why would I get a divorce? That doesn’t make any sense. And after the Lord and the Blessed Mother paired us up, would They ever say, “Go get a divorce. If you get a divorce, I will make Naju officially recognized.”? (No!)

So, we have to discern what the devil’s voice is. So, always pray like, ‘Please fully grant me the wisdom, discernment, and knowledge of the Holy Spirit and bless me so I can work only for the glory of the Lord and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’

When you wake up every morning, please pray like this. What angers us is also the devils’ work. You can get drawn into devils through any possibility.

How does Jesus come to us in this world? He comes to us through the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Jesus can go all over the world. However, after He resurrected in 3 days and before ascending into Heaven after 40days, he promised (to be with) us. Accordingly, Jesus is with each one of us always of course, but He is also coming to us directly in the form of an Eucharist.

So, the Eucharist is the Medicine of Salvation that can save us, and the doctor who can heal us who are sick.  So, even yesterday, the day before yesterday, or today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and forevermore, Jesus is with us.

To be with us more closely, He chose the Eucharist as the way to come to us. At the Last Supper, “This is my body. This is my blood.” So that the Paschal Mystery of the Last Supper can be perpetuated, He gave us the Mystery of Salvation. Therefore the Eucharist is the Medicine of Salvation that can save us. We have to receive It truly as Jesus entering into our hearts.

However, there are many people who don’t do so, but everyone here receives It as truly Jesus because you all know the Mystery of the Eucharist, right? Jesus is our Master who is truly alive. As Jesus is our Master, we have to open our hearts widely, and receive Him into us.

To receive Him, we need to empty our hearts totally, pick out all the stones, uproot all of the weeds as well, and tidy everything up. In order to do that, we must have sincere confession, before receiving Jesus into us. So that Jesus can dwell in us, our hearts have to be a tabernacle, a palace for Jesus, and the Kingdom for Jesus.

To come to us, Jesus comes in the form of Eucharist but too many children don’t recognize Him and many sacrilegious communions are committed. Not you here, but there are many people who have received communions sacrilegiously, because they don’t know about the significance of the Eucharist.

Our Lord has shown the Eucharistic Miracles 33 times. This was to show that It is the truly living Jesus. To show that It is not just a bread, He made the Host and Blood change into visible Flesh and Blood in the mouth.

It is that the Eucharist changed into Flesh and Blood during the Mass in the church. Jesus truly instituted the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist and comes to us. Today let’s meditate on it more deeply and make a new start.

After Fr. Jerry experienced the Eucharistic Miracles, when he celebrated Mass in the Philippines… He elevated the Precious Blood after the Consecrated Host. After then, he found three flies had fallen into the chalice. So, he pondered on it seriously for a second. ‘Oh, what to do now... If I take these flies out, they are covered with Precious Blood. Or If I try to receive It as it is, it’s hard to just drink it because of the flies.’

However, as he had witnessed the Eucharistic Miracles, he decided to just receive It. As soon as he did, the Fragrance of Roses spread out all at once. ‘I thought only when I am with Julia, I smell the Fragrance of Roses. Oh! But not so now!’ he experienced this miracle as well.

He testified it to me when he came to Naju. “Oh! Father, Congratulations!” I said. “Actually those were not three flies. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit were present there! While they looked like three flies, They actually were God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

The Lord put him to the test and, “You witnessed the Eucharistic Miracles even 6 times, I will see what’s going on.” And he received It well. Then, “That’s it!” Our Lord would’ve said. “God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit made Themselves look like three flies.” I said. “Congratulations!” Then Father rejoiced so much.

His faith was getting deeper. One day, when I visited the Philippines, I suddenly felt that I must meet with Fr. Jerry Orbos. I sure regret when I don’t do what pops into my mind. So, although I arrived at night, I kept asking the organizers. “Oh, it’s too late now. So meet with him tomorrow.” “No, I must meet him today.” So I contacted him myself. Father said, “I will meet you after undergoing an operation for kidney stones tomorrow.” “No! Please come hurry now!” I said. Then Fr. Jerry came. “Let us pray for your kidney.” And I prayed for him.

After prayer, he said “I will not undergo operation.” I didn’t tell him not to be operated. He said “I won’t have surgery,” But as he already had a doctor’s appointment, he went to the hospital. As he said he won’t have surgery, he received a checkup for his kidney instead. The stones were completely gone!

When I went there by another invitation, Fr. Jerry said, “Julia, this is my sister-in-law, please touch her belly just once.” He didn’t ask me to pray, but just to touch her belly once. So, I prayed for her that way for a little while.

Even though she had not been able to get pregnant for a long time, she conceived in that very month and gave birth to a wonderful son. The Blessed Mother gave her such a handsome son. It was done through Father (Jerry)’s faith.

And one day, I was invited there again. She (Fr. Jerry’s sister-in-law) lost all her hair, and wore a hat and scarf. Father told me, “Julia, she has brain cancer. Please pray for her.” So I prayed for her. And she was healed right away.

These were not my doings, but it was the Lord and the Blessed Mother who performed miracles of love, using me as Their instrument. So it’s not I who did it. I was just used as an instrument for just a moment. So, the one who should receive the glory is only Our Lord.

Lord, Glory and Praise to You
Lord, Glory and Praise to You
Lord, receive them forever, Amen. Amen!

After we receive grace, we truly have to be like a child. When the Apostolic Nuncio came here on Nov 24, 1994, the Eucharist came down even twice. Msgr. Peter who was the secretary to the Apostolic Nuncio also came at that time. He was so happy to be here. And in March the next year, he visited with his whole family.

Even though Msgr. Peter didn’t know how Fr. Jerry’s sister-in-law became pregnant, he asked me to pray over his sister-in-law by touching her belly.

So I prayed for her. Later on, I heard back from them. She wasn’t able to get pregnant for a few years (five years). Even the doctors weren’t able to help. But, after visiting Naju, she conceived a baby in that very month.

Dear pilgrims, you came here even amidst the persecution. What would the Lord, who loves even the most wicked sinners, not lay down to all of you who came to seek the Lord and the Blessed Mother?

Dear pilgrims, receive the abundant Love of Jesus and the Blessed Mother today! And be healed in all your bodies and souls!

Now, let us meditate on the Messages that Jesus gave us.

This is the Message of Love from Jesus on May 16, 1991.

“All the children in the world! Tell everyone that holding my Mother’s hands and following Her is the shortcut to me. The time of my Mother Mary’s victory is approaching. My Mother came into this world as the Heavenly Prophetess and my Helper who will lead you to my brilliant and glorious revelations. Follow Her words. I will always be with you.” Amen!

This is the Message of Love from the Blessed Mother on May 16, 2006.

“My beloved children who have been called! Your Lord, Who is present in the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist and loves even the souls who have become so sordid and distorted because of sins, and this Mama, who is the shortcut for bringing you all up with extreme love to take you to Heaven, bestows boundless blessings today on all of you gathered here to commemorate the anniversary of the changing of the Eucharist into Flesh and Blood, and to honor me by also washing away the stains of sins which have defiled your souls so that you may become reborn with love.” Amen!

I wish the Messages of Love from the Lord and the Blessed Mother be realized in all of you as it was proclaimed. Amen!

Put your hands on your chest. And close your eyes. Whether you have been disrespectful to Jesus and the Blessed Mother, or instead have been Their comfort. Whether you have driven thorns and nails in Them, or instead have removed the nails from Them. Whether you have been a flower of comfort or instead have been the source of Their pains. Let us all meditate on it.

Jesus, to whom nothing impossible, not only in Your time but also in this time, You raised the dead and saved the dying, please bless Your beloved children who gathered here today, entirely and forevermore and please heal their sick souls and bodies.

Offering up pain is important but there are so many things to do in this time that lacks workers (for the Lord). To perform miracles of love through all these children as your instruments, please heal all of them.

Please heal them totally, even their families whom they left at home. For your children who couldn’t come here despite their ardent wish, please grant all of these the same graces as well.

With the Precious Blood that You shed on the Cross, and that You poured out without sparing even a single drop of Blood and Water, our souls and bodies which are dirty, sick and exhausted, and covered with wounds, please wash and wipe them away, break through what has been clogged and transfuse Your Blood into all of us.

Please let us become twin brothers who exactly resemble You, Jesus, from head to toe so that we may work for the glory of the Lord and the victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary for the rest of our lives.

Thus, help us give Glory to the Lord and consolation to the Blessed Mother, in our unending gratitude.

 You called this sinner with Your Tears
and Tears of Blood imploring me to live
according to the Messages.

Mother, in Your Love, please receive
my heart, and please lead my soul
to Heaven, my home.

I am here with a sick and exhausted heart.
I entrust to you my deepest inner wounds.

Mother, please receive my sick soul entirely.
Mother, please purify me cleanly.

I would like to wash away the dirty stains of my soul. Mother,
please embrace my wounded and torn soul.
Please be a sweet rain for my soul that is dried up without love
and heal my sick soul and body. Amen.