Test results on the Precious Blood of Jesus

On September 8, 2003, the visiting scientist met Professor Jung Bin Lee at Seoul National University. Prof. Lee, also a medical doctor, is the top authority in Korea in the field of forensic medicine. He is not a Catholic, but has tested blood samples from Naju for the past several years. Professor Lee was somewhat reluctant at the beginning, but, as he continued his investigation and saw that the same results were being confirmed again and again by additional tests, he has become more seriously interested.

Professor Lee and his team tested more than ten blood-stained rocks from the Blessed Mother's mountain in Naju one after another. He says that each sample was tested at least five times, making the total number of tests more than fifty. He issued a statement testifying that the blood stains on all these rocks except two were male human blood and that every test on them showed an identical DNA structure and blood-type, which was AB. This blood type of AB for Our Lord confirms the finding at Lanciano, where a Eucharistic miracle occurred about thirteen hundred years ago and a scientific test was done in the early 1970s.

Blood stains on two of the sample rocks were found to be female human blood with identical DNA structures and blood type, which was B (more precisely for genetic purposes, BO). This probably was the first time ever in history that the Blessed Mother's blood type was determined genetically.

In addition to more than ten blood-stained rocks, Professor Lee also tested a piece of blood-stained gauze from Naju. On July 2, 1995, there was a Eucharistic miracle in the Chapel in Naju. Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia dipped his finger in the blood on Julia's tongue and wiped it with a piece of gauze. Professor Lee said that the findings from this sample were identical to those on the male blood samples on the rocks. This means that the owner of the blood collected during the Eucharistic miracle in Naju eight years ago is the same as the owner of the male blood collected on the Blessed Mother's mountain in November 2001, January 2002 and August 2002

                    A request for DNA tests was made on October 24,2006                           and  the results  came out in November same year.

On October 24, 2006, eight blood samples were delivered to
Humanpass Inc., a DNA test center in Seoul, to find out whether they belonged to one same human and whether they were from a male or female person.



 sample #6:On October 19, 2006, the Precious Blood that                     came down on the area on the Blessed Mother's                     Mountain where little stones stained with the Precious                     Blood that  had descended earlier are preserved.


 sample #7:The Precious Blood from the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary                     was collected ,October 19, 2006



After completing the tests on Samples #6 and #7, the head of the Department of Clinical Pathology stated that both blood samples were of type AB RH (+).



Sample #1:
  The powdered piece of blood-stained cloth that Jesus gave to                     Julia on February 28, 2001, Ash Wednesday

Sample #2:  One of the many bloodstained stones witnessed by Bishop                      Dominic Su from Malaysia on August 15, 2002

Sample #3:  The Precious Blood that exuded from the Eucharist
                     on May 6, 2005.

Sample #4:  A stone stained with the Precious Blood that came down                      on the Blessed Mother's Mountain on September 17, 2006

Sample #5:  The Precious Blood that descended on Julia's bed on October                     15, 2006.  Its descent was recorded by a video camera

Sample #6:  The Precious Blood collected with a syringe on the Blessed                      Mother's Mountain on October 19, 2006. The Blood                      maintained its liquid state. 

Sample #7:  The Precious Blood that flowed from the Crucifix down to Julia's                      hand and arm  on October 19, 2006. The Blood maintained its                      liquid state.

Sample #8:  Cotton stained with the Precious Blood that came down on the                     Blessed Mother's Mountain and was witnessed by Bishop                     Dominic Su from Malaysia on August 15, 2002. This Blood                     remained uncoagulated for 140 days. 


The Department of Clinical Pathology and the head examiner preparing
for  DNA test on Precious Blood

First, Samples #6 and #7 were tested at Wooridul Hospital in Seoul on October 24, 2006 and were found to be of Type AB Rh(+). On the same day, all eight samples were delivered to Humanpass Inc., a DNA test center in Seoul.

 Both the DNA test results announced verbally on November 1, 2006 and the final written report on the DNA test results dated November 15, 2006 confirmed that all the blood samples tested belonged to one same male human. The head examiner who conducted the tests said that the results would be the same regardless of where the tests were conducted in the world.

 "As seen in the result, the Sample #1~#8 are male ones, and considered to be originated from one person.

DNA profile is also known as DNA fingerprint and contains very accurate and unique data for each person. The Average Probability of Identity is the probability that any two people could have exact same DNA profile. The general API(Average Probability of Identity) is less than one over 1 billion.''

(Excerpted from THE DNA TEST REPORT by Humanpass Inc. dated November 15, 2006)

 These results mean that (1) the Blood on the powdered cloth, (2) the Blood from the Eucharist, and (3) the Blood that descended in Naju all belong to one same male human with blood type AB Rh(+).





During the overnight prayer meeting in the Blessed Mother's Chapel in Naju on June 30, 1995 commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first weeping tears through her statue in Naju, seven Sacred Hosts descended from the Crucifix to the altar before the Blessed Mother's statue. 
On July 2, 1995, the seven Sacred Hosts were consumed in obedience to the instruction by the Archbishop of Kwangju.
Julia was the last of the seven communicants.  The Sacred Host that Julia received immediately and unexpectedly turned into visible flesh and blood in her mouth. 
Fr. Francis Su from Malaysia dipped his finger in the Precious Blood on Julia's tongue and showed his blood-stained finger to the pilgrims in the Chapel for their confirmation.  Then, Fr. Su wiped his finger with a white handkerchief.  
The DNA test of the bloodstain on this handkerchief performed on November 8, 2006 and the DNA tests of eight other samples of the blood that came down in Naju between October 12 and 14, 2006 performed on October 24, 2006 produced exactly same results, establishing that the blood from the Eucharistic miracle on July 2, 1995 and the blood that came down in October 2007 belonged to one same male human.


   Message on June 5th,1988

    Jesus :

I am still bleeding on the Cross to save the whole human race

and My Blood will not flow in vain.

I am the Transfuser Who washes away your dirty sins.

My precious Blood is a special medicine that will open the eyes

of the sick souls and wake up the sleeping soulsthrough priests.

I am so troubled that people receive Me out of habit and with


Message on October 15, 2006


My beloved daughter who always joyfully asks for more pains and suffers them for the sake of the salvation of the whole world, never losing courage or hope!

Thank you for graciously offering up all the pains, in the Sacred Heart of the Lord, Who loves you so much, and my Immaculate Heart, even while suffering all kinds of trials.  As you know well what kind of souls can receive eternal happiness before the royal throne in Heaven, offer up even more graciously the extreme pains allotted to you for the repentance of sinners in the world and for the spiritual renewal of the shepherds who are becoming corrupt so that they may become faithful to the duties given to them.  

As you just saw, the Lord has become the sacrificial victim for reconciliation and sends down unlimited blessing and love by means of the Precious Blood from His Five Wounds opened on the Cross to save the sick and dark world from eternal death, to give eternal life to the sinners, and also to send down the graces of mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation upon the numerous souls who are provoking God's just wrath, but even the shepherds whom the Lord has personally chosen and installed are not making the Lord's Love known but are compromising more and more with this world and, thus, are violating the infinite dignity and holiness of God in their ingratitude.  .......

Even if the world violates the infinite dignity and holiness of God, His just wrath will be softened when the sounds of ardent prayers by the little souls reach Heaven.  As there are the little soul chosen by my Son Jesus and me and the faithful little souls who pray at my side, if Naju is approved, the Lord's ministers, whom He personally anointed and installed, will repent; the herds of sheep who follow them will also repent; and the Lord will rebuild the places destroyed by Satan and also heal the wounds inflicted by him.