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Julia Kim's Short Reflection

Emptying your heart brings you joy, love and happiness

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circle05_bluegreen.gif Our Lady of Naju was the Star at the Marian Conference in Pittsburgh, USA ? (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif The big toe fractured in V-shape (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Jesus allows us to make mistakes so that we can become humble (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Turning our daily lives into Prayers Brings the Miracles of Love (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif The Lord saved them from a car crash (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif When I was suffering for the reparation of abortions, I weighed the same as when I was pregnant (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities if you want to go to Heaven! (Video)




circle05_bluegreen.gif Even though the cup of wrath will be sent. (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif A thousand souls of sinners committing obscenity, adultery, and abortion were saved. (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Mother Mary pleading to God with Tears of Blood, “Please do not send down the chastisement.” (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif When we Offer Up our Whole daily lives by Turning them into Prayers (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif How to Avoid the Punishment of the Sulfuric Fire that rages violently (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Human Dignity Trampled by Abortions (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif How to meditate on the Mystery of Rosary (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Now, this era brings upon itself chastisements of darkness, fire and blood(Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Jesus will rebuild where Satan has destroyed (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Embrace All As “My Faults” Brought Happiness (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Encouragement from Cardinal Sin and the President of the Philippines(Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Jesus, who drove back the strong typhoon and heavy rain (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Why do souls go to Purgatory? (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif What happen to souls going to hell? (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif “If we forgive, Heavenly Father will forgive as well.” (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif The Breath of Love of Jesus and the Blessed Mother that revived even the dead  (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif The Spirituality of ‘My fault’ not ‘Your fault’ (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Jesus who loves even the most wicked sinner (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif What if we sing of peaceful and secure times while witnessing the disasters
    in the world?

circle05_bluegreen.gif How to get closer to Jesus and Mother Mary in Heaven? (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif The prayer that fills up the abyss situating between the Lord’s Greatness
    and our lowliness

circle05_bluegreen.gif We who follow Jesus and Mother Mary are blessed children. (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif When life is exhausting and economic hardships are added. (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Happiness is something I must cultivate. (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif ♡ I love you with all my life. (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Happiness, where can we find ? (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif As Jesus resurrected, shouldn’t we also resurrect with Him ? (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif The truth that only through pain we can resurrect  (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif How to live the Life of Resurrection?  (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Everyday we have to live with resurrected lives (Video)

circle05_bluegreen.gif Our Lord has truly risen. Alleluia! Alleluia!  (Video)