For the conversion of sinners, the Blessed Mother gave us the fragrance of roses and the fragrant oil by squeezing all of herself. First she prepared the oil in the head of her statue for 400 days and began exuding it on November 24, 1992, when Fr. Raymond Spies was visiting. He found the oil when he embraced the statue after praying the rosary together with Julia, Julio and Rufino. She exuded the fragrant oil for 700 consecutive days until October 23, 1994. Even after the fragrant oil discontinued, she continues to give us the fragrance. She said in her message that the fragrance and the oil were her presence, love and friendship. Beginning March 2001, the Blessed Mother began to exude fragrant oil again.

Testimonies on the Blessed Mother's fragrant oil

What is the Last Supper? It is a feast of love and sharing. In order to give the totality of my love, which is so high, deep and wide, to my beloved Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, priests, religious and all my children in the world together with my Son Jesus, I am squeezing all of myself and giving you fragrance and oil. The fragrance and oil that I give to all are gifts from God. They represent my presence, love and friendship for you.
(From Our Lady's message on April 8, 1993)

The Blessed Mother's statue was exuding fragrant oil while Fr. Raymond Spies was visiting. (November 24, 1992) 





Fragrant oil flowing down from the head of the Blessed Mother (below)





 The Blessed Mother of Naju shed the fragrant oil (24 November, 1992)




The Blessed Mother of Naju shedding fragrant oil
mixed with blood from her forehead

and blood from her nose. (March 12, 2001)  (below)







(June 30, 2005)

"The fragrance and oil that I give to all are gifts from God.
They represent My presence, love and friendship for you."

(Message of Love frome the Blessed Mother on April 8, 1993)






























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