On October 19, 1986, she shed bloody tears and, then, thick tears of blood. Theresa, Julia's 3rd child who was thirteen at that time, found the tears of blood and screamed, "Mommy! There is blood on the Blessed Mother's face..." She began crying in her mother's arms. Julia was surprised and rushed to the Blessed Mother's eyes and felt intense pains in her heart. She could hardly walk. She called the pastor and sisters, who came shortly afterwards.

The bloody tears continued for about one week. As the Blessed Mother mentioned in her message that she would call the religious, many sisters came and saw the weeping.

Tears and tears of blood continued intermittently and continued even after the statue was moved to the newly-built Chapel.

Testimonies on the Blessed Mother's tears of blood




Above: The Blessed Mother shed tears of blood for the first time in Naju. Theresa, Julia's third child, first found the tears of blood. At her screaming, others rushed to the statue and saw thick tears of blood flowing down from Our Lady's eyes. About 5 minutes later, Fr. John Park, pastor of the Naju parish, came and was astonished at the tears of blood. He began praying with two arms raised. (October 19, 1986)

Above: Fr. John Park of the Naju parish had asked that Our Lady's weeping statue be placed in the rectory, Remembering the Blessed Mother's three-month stay with Elizabeth (Luke: 1, 39-56). Julia said to Our Lady, " Mother, please return after three months" During her stay in the rectory, the Blessed Mother did not shed any tears. After she came back to Julia's home on February 2, 1987, she resumed shedding tears of blood. (March 11, 1987)




(Left picture)

The Blessed Mother shed tears and tears of blood for the sake of priests.  The cloth under the statue became wet with the tears and tears of blood.
(April 23, 1987)







Our Lady shed lots of tears of blood and tears, while Fr. Raymond Spies, three Sisters from the Our Lady's Assumption Order who came with Fr. Spies, and other pilgrims were praying the rosary. (August 26, 1989)




Fr. Louis Bosmans from Canada and Fr. Raymond Spies came and saw the Blessed Mother shedding copious amounts of tears of blood. The cloth under the statue became very wet. (October 14, 1989)




                                (Right picture)
Lots of tears flowed on top of the tears of blood shed on October 14, 1989. Our Lady also gave a message. She said, "My Heart is burning so much that blood is coming up to my throat" (November 26, 1989 - The Feast of Christ the King)







Shedding thick tears of blood from her eyes and blood from her nose and suffering great pains, Our Lady gave us a message, "I am sad. So many of my poor children, who are usually forgetful of me, seek me only during difficult times as if trying to grab a life buoy... Once they receive the grace thet have asked for, they return to their miserable life, forgetting about my love..." (May 8, 1990)

 Above: (October 2, 1990)








  The Blessed Mother was shedding thick tears of blood. (November 1, 1990)




"This world should not be left to be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah..." The Blessed Mother is screaming until her throat begins bleeding. She is shedding lots of tears and tears of blood from her eyes and blood from her nose. Her neck has swollen. (March 25, 1991)


Blessed Mother had shed tears of blood again !!!

The Blessed Mother began shedding tears of blood through her statue on December 31, 2005 at about 7:55 p.m.  By 8 o'clock, blood was all over her face.  There also were clear bloodstains on both her palms.

At about 8:30 p.m., I knelt before the Blessed Mother's statue and, with heartbreaking sorrows, thought how painful the Blessed Mother must have been feeling to shed tears of blood like this and said to her, "Blessed Mother!  At least we, who are supposed to know the Lord and you, will form unity, remain awake, pray and wipe away your tears of blood by turning our lives into prayers for the clergy and religious whom the Lord chose personally and also for the numerous sinners in this world so that they may repent of their sins and be saved."  At that moment, the Blessed Mother appeared, shedding tears of blood.  After sobbing for a while covering her face with her hands, she said as follows:













All my beloved children in the world! 

For more than 20 years, I have made the shortcut to Heaven known by showing so many signs and the unprecedented miracles that have not been shown anywhere else in the world for the Pope, Bishops, priests, religious, and all the children in the world and repeating the same words again and again through the entreaties and sacrificial and redemptive sufferings filled with love by the little soul chosen by me for a great mission.

However, many of the clergy, religious and even the children who have been called have lost their ability to discern because of the sweet and dazzling words of the false prophets.  As they follow the false prophets, they become dizzy and unable to see clearly.  They become spiritually blind and deaf, lose their sense of direction, become enslaved by their misguided spirituality, and even incite other innocent souls to walk on the road to hell.  As I cannot look at this any longer and my Heart is flaming up vehemently, I cannot help shedding tears of blood like this.

Furthermore, numerous children in the world are trying to have their own ways with their self-centeredness and self-righteousness and are unable to achieve unity with one another.  As they are giving a gift of joy to the devil of division, how can I not shed tears of blood?

My extremely beloved sons and daughters who have been called! 

Wipe away my tears of blood by uniting with the little soul who has been chosen by me and who always responds with "Amen" to the Lord's words and mine even in the midst of extreme pains as she has been called to a great mission.

That you may not be thrown into the burning sulfur that flames up violently at the time of the Last Judgment after having wasted time by leading a dissolute and shaky life, enslaved by vain and false prophecies and fantasies because of your failure to give up curiosity, arm yourselves with love and turning your lives into prayers without delay, even if your lives are imperfect, and graciously offer up the totality of your lives.

My beloved children who have been called!  There is no time to hesitate or procrastinate.  Repent (your sins) promptly.  As now is the important time for separating grains from dry grass, the cunning devil is rampant in all the possible ways and is planning all kinds of maneuvers by packaging false prophecies most attractively, making contact with people individually, communicating to them the false prophecies, which impoverish their souls, as if these false prophecies were words from me, and thereby confusing even the clergy and the innocent souls, who have been called, so that they may not be able to discern.

As I said before, do not ever complacently think that the many large-scale disasters that occur in the sky, on the ground, and in the sea?requent earthquakes and tidal waves, heavy rains and typhoons, heavy snowfalls and forest fires, famines and diseases, wars and murders, confrontations and conflicts between nations and between races, dissolution of families and murders among close relatives?re just natural disasters and accidental occurrences.

If you do not listen carefully to my pleas of tears and tears of blood and my screams that I make with the voice of love until my throat starts bleeding, giving you love, even exuding fragrant oil by squeezing my whole body, and compromise with this world filled with pride and poison, God's response will be stern, and the disaster of flames, burning with justice, will fall again on various places.  Therefore, to soften the wrath of God, offer up prayers, sacrifices and reparations and become little souls who can make reparations for the sins that have offended the most dignified and holy God.     

The day when the Lord will finish the work which He, Who is Love Itself, began is not far from now so that the groundless rumors and the bloody pains of double deaths that my beloved daughter, a little soul specially called, has been suffering until now may not be fruitless.

Your sighs and tears during your persecution while you were making known this Mother, who is the Mediatrix of Grace and the Co-Redemptrix, will soon turn into joy, and those who have been opposing you will close their mouths and repent.  Therefore, do not worry but go forward courageously, following me with the dignity of the persons who have been saved and transcend (the world and the ego).

(Translator's Notes:  As in many of the previous messages in Naju, the Blessed Mother used many idiomatic expressions in the above message, each of which is composed of four Chinese characters.  These expressions are understood in all the countries where the Chinese characters are used:  China, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Japan, etc.

This message on December 31, 2005 was the first one that Julia received since February 16, 2003.  For almost three years between February 16, 2003 and December 31, 2005, there were many miraculous signs in Naju such as fragrant oil from the Blessed Mother's statue, the descent of the Eucharist and bleeding from the same Eucharist later, and the descents of Our Lord's Precious Blood)